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Hello everyone, please allow me to introduce myself.

I’m Mandy Bengeyfield and I have a real passion for creating clothes that fit perfectly, which has stemmed from my being almost 6ft tall! I’m guessing that since you have come across my website we have something in common. If this is the case, I am confident I’ll be able to help you make perfectly fitting clothes whether it be fashion, bras or swimwear.

I absolutely love the freedom of getting dressed in the morning and not having to think about or fiddle with my underwear and clothes for the rest of the day, simply because they fit perfectly! There is nothing more frustrating than spending your time, money and talent on making something that doesn’t fit or do you justice. I’m sure all dressmakers can relate to this!

My business has grown since I set up Fit2Sew some 6 years ago. As far as the shop side of the business goes, the story is this. I learnt to make bras but always struggled to find the right specialist supplier – at least not of high quality enough and not from one source in the UK. I ended up ordering from Canada and soon realised that, although shipping and customs charges made it an expensive exercise, the quality of the fabrics, elastics and other bits and bobs proved to be money well spent.

Fast forward to one of Beverly Johnson’s ‘Boob Camps’ in Canada. During my course a couple of years ago, Beverly mentioned she was on the look-out for a distributor in the UK for her Bra Makers Supply products. So, in October 2016 I launched the Fit2Sew online shop and simply haven’t looked back.

 My ethos is simple – making your own bra shouldn’t be any more expensive than buying a ready to wear one off the shelf. My aim is to supply the main fabrics, lace and ‘findings’ (this is all the bra components other than the fabric) in just the right amounts for one bra.

I teach bra making based on Beverly Johnson’s methods, as well as pattern-tissue fitting using the Palmer/Pletsch method – they never fail to work!

If you feel encouraged to have a go at creating your own bra, swimwear or clothes, I run courses to get you started, or if you are an advanced dressmaker, then my online shop will serve all your needs.

Comfort is key and I look forward to helping you achieve this.

Best wishes


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