As most of you know, I recently visited Bra Makers Supply in Canada for the Master Swimwear course. It was a combined ‘work and play’ trip as I headed to Florida after the course for a holiday where I tried and tested my brand new swimsuit…..made by hers truly.

On arrival, we were greeted by an unseasonal ice storm: snow, ice pellets and wind. Fortunately I had packed a warm coat but I didn’t quite think through my shoe selection properly as it was totally impractical and consisted of smooth-soled suede moccasins!

Anyway, the course with Beverly was absolutely brilliant, as I knew it would be. She helped me design my own swimsuit, incorporating a little corseted section in the back with a metal separator and grommets.

The front had a retro look, incorporating my Shelley bra cups

Blue swimsuit in progress 2

I also converted my own bra pattern into a bikini top. Not bad for my first attempt as you can see.

Whilst I was there I picked up copies of Beverly Johnson’s Big Book of Swimwear – I can highly recommend you read this as you will pick up so many useful tips. I also took advantage of buying loads of stock, including some new items, so watch this space!

After a few days, I met up with my husband and we set off to the sunny climes of Florida for a much-needed holiday following our recent move to Peterborough – not needing the winter coat this time! We worked out this was only our second holiday with just the two of us in 27 years (not including our honeymoon). To say we deserved it is an understatement!

So, to enjoy our time together, we took advantage of not having our four children and three grand-children with us and we whiled away our evenings sorting out the 5 suitcases of stock that I’d picked up. Some would say we were living the American Dream!

The highlight of the holiday was me proudly wearing my new swimsuit and bikini (not at the same time I might add!). My bespoke look provided complete comfort throughout the whole holiday – I felt like a million dollars!

sunbathing in my new swimsuit

So, if you feel inspired to get ‘summer ready’ and you would like to pick up some tips and tricks to make your own swimwear, check out my Sewing Swimwear Techniques course.

Many thanks