Hi again!  First the good news – the video in this post was made with my iPad and a new tripod.  So hopefully they will be better and also I think some of you have had a few issues with the sound, which I also hope will be better this time.

OK – so, how are you getting on with your Ruby?  Hopefully you have your fold-over elastic done along the top edge of the cups all ready for sewing them into the frame.

I shan’t be differentiating between foam and non-foam from hereonin because – well, there aren’t really any differences 🙂 We’re going to be sewing the cups in this time, which should be pretty straightforward provided you have marked all your notches accurately.  Yes, I know I sound like your mum checking that you’ve brushed your teeth and washed behind your ears, but seriously I can’t stress enough the importance of doing this, particularly in this pattern (although you may be forgiven for thinking that I’m having a jolly good try …)

If you would like to try your hand at a Gothic arch (or refresh your memory) you can read about it here.  For the standard band-bottom version, you will notice that the Ruby has a really straight bottom and so you don’t need to do any stretching round curvy bits etc such as you might be used to doing with, say, a Classic or a Shelley.  The band does curve up a little at the centre front between the cups and so it will help it to lie flat against your body if you clip the upward-curved section in three or four places.

Whatever shape you’ve chosen for your bottom, sew the first and second passes of the elastic before you even look at the channelling.  Well, ok you can look at it, but don’t touch it yet.  After that, sew the first and second passes of the underarm elastic.

Next time we’ll look at a cute little trick to help you sew on the channeling and what do do if you are using the 3/4″ bottom band elastic.  Do you remember that I’m having fabric straps on my black cherry version?  We’ll have a look at how to give them a neat finish.  We’ll also look at how to eliminate the bounce if you are using all elastic straps.

Don’t forget to leave a comment if you are stuck, or if you just want to leave a comment …

See you soon!