Hi everyone!

How’re you getting on with the wonderful Ruby pattern?  Hopefully by now you have cut out and sewn your cup pieces together.  This time we’re going to be finishing off the cups with fold-over elastic (FOE).

As well as the sewing instruction, I’ve done a couple of other little videos with additional info that you can skip over if they don’t interest you.  One describes the basic pattern alterations that I’ve done for myself on my non-foam version.  The other is pretty much an info-mercial on the Ruby fabric and findings kits I’ve put together for you to buy if you so desire 😉

So, before we get cracking on the sewing I have a couple of apologies to make.  One is that you will see a great deal of my legs.  I promise this is not because I’m sewing in my underwear, but because I’m wearing shorts! (We’re currently having what may well turn out to be summer in the UK at the moment, what can I say …)  The other is that the video quality isn’t brilliant because we changed from an iPad to a camera, thinking it would be better.  It wasn’t.  Promise to do better for next time …

Non-Foam Version

Ooops! one of the hazards of having the windows open in the  summer … ‘Teddy Bears’ Picnic’ at full blast 🙂

SO.moving on …

After you’ve finished the cups, you need to finish the bridge by turning over a 1/4″ hem. Simple.

Foam Version

If you are making the Ruby with foam you should by now have your foam cups and your fabric covers sewn up and ready to go.  All we need to do now is put them together!

Now for the FOE …

Both Versions

Now we have the cups finished off and the bridge on the front frame finished.  You can go ahead and sew the front and back band pieces together at the side seams.

In the next session we’ll look at putting the cups into the frame (so make sure you marked all those notches we talked about before…) and applying the elastics.

See you next time

PS  Here are those extra videos I mentioned at the beginning.

Pattern Alterations

Ruby Kit Info

Forgot to mention that the full fabric and findings kits contain two pre-wound bobbins of matching thread (One for e the bobbin, one as the top thread).  Also forgot to mention tha the kits come in lilac as well.  (Some days you just can’t get the staff …)