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Not Beverly Johnson courses hailed a real success!

Hi everyone, now my whirlwind courses are all over and I have more time on my hands, I thought it was a good opportunity to catch up with you all and let you know how successful September and October have been for lots of ladies, both new and familiar.

Firstly, for those not present on the recent courses you are probably slightly confused as to why I’ve headed up this blog ‘Not Beverly Johnson courses’. Well, sadly that’s because Beverly was taken ill with a lung infection just days before the courses began which made it impossible for her to travel all the way over from Canada. You can imagine my dismay when I received the news from the Fairy-Bra Mother herself. On top of feeling bad for Beverly, I also felt bad for everyone who had made travel plans and booked time off work to attend – including two ladies from Holland.

Not defeated and determined to carry on for my customers’ sake, yours truly led the way and actually did a good stand-in job as it happens. Thankfully I was pleasantly surprised when 75% of the people due to attend said they’d still be happy to come along with just me teaching. The show must go on was firmly planted in my mind!

So September 21st 2018 saw the first of the now Not Beverly Johnson Classes – with Beverly’s blessing. I welcomed eight enthusiastic and lively ladies, only one of whom I had ever met before, who were all ready and eager to improve their bra-making skills over the next three days. Armed with their own bra’s they’d made themselves to have fit assessed, the ladies were keen to find out their correct underwire size – which seemed to be a unanimous number one priority for all attendees. Not surprisingly, this is probably the most difficult part of bra-making so I was happy to assist. It’s always a thrill for me to see the look on someone’s face when I fit them in the right wire!

As most of you know, it makes me sad to hear women say that they hate underwires because they are so uncomfortable, or that they can’t wait to get their bra off when they get home. Thankfully those of us who make bras know that a well-fitting bra starts with the right wire size, but do we always know how to gauge it? A separate blog will be coming out soon about wire sizes and assessing the fit, so fear not as help is on its way!

By lunchtime on day one, any initial awkwardness at having a group of strangers assessing the fit of your bra had disappeared and everyone was happily sharing ideas and taking in as much info as they could. By day two, pattern adjustments had been made and people were working on their new bras with increased confidence in finding the Holy Grail – the perfect fit. In addition, we looked at how to take a well-fitting bra pattern and change the style without compromising the fit.

Suddenly, a world of possibilities opened up and the creative juices really started to flow. As well as the buzz around the room, it was music to my ears when I heard comments such as, “I’ve got some beautiful lace in my stash I’ve had for ages – now I know where I can put this to use in my next bra”.

The courses evolved and we looked at making the new wire-free pattern from Beverly’s bra design label Pin-Up Girls (PUG for short). Called Ingrid, this pattern offers great support without the aid of underwires in a huge range of sizes.

The Working with Foam & Lace class was also great fun and opened up a whole host of options from adding little touches of lace embellishment to sewing a completely lace bra.

Finally, the last class in the series morphed into a Ruby bra class after one lady modelled her own creation for assessment, causing everyone else to fall in love with the design! Red bras also became popular after I passed on Beverly’s tip that red virtually disappears under white tops. “I’ve never worn a red bra – I feel totally liberated!” was one of my favourite comments on the day.

So what I have learnt and taken away from eleven fabulous days spent with a bunch of like-minded ladies? Well, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed running the courses (much more than I imagined a few weeks ago!) and sharing something I really love in the company of ladies who simply ‘just get it’. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the small victories, like remembering to sew the hooks on the right way round, which are made all the sweeter when shared with others who also count the unpicker amongst their best friends. I have loved seeing the joy on people’s faces when they are able to see, touch and work with high-quality fabrics and findings and transform the theory into practice as they start to understand how to make a bra that not only fits properly, but is flattering and comfortable. So overall I would class the courses as a huge success.

With this in mind, I am hoping Beverly can find room in her busy schedule to come over to the UK sometime next year so we can build on the success of this year. In the meantime, I have been encouraged by all your lovely comments to offer more ‘Bosom Buddy’ courses run by me in the coming months. So watch this space and thanks for your continued support (pun intended!)

Best wishes