How to choose the right size pattern

Standard US pattern sizes

Not wishing to state the obvious, but I’m fanatical about fit.  (Not to be confused with fitness – most definitely not!) There’s pretty much always an answer to most fit issues, but making  great-fitting clothes is a whole lot easier when you start with the right size pattern. There I go stating the obvious again, […]

Why don’t commercial patterns fit properly?

How many times have you been excited about starting a new dressmaking project, raided your stash for the perfect fabric, carefully cut the pattern out and faithfully followed the sewing instructions – only to be disappointed with the result?  More times than you care to remember, if you’re anything like me. Loads of people I […]

Top sewing tools

One of my lovely ladies at a recent Beginners Sewing class asked me a great question – ‘what’s your favourite sewing tool?’ I have to admit I was speechless for a few moments (and that doesn’t happen very often!). Like with most hobbies, there are loads of sewing gadgets and bits & bobs out there […]

Adventures in Bra Making

8 - side seams

Being obsessed with perfect fit, I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long to get round to running a bra course!  Literally within a couple of hours of announcing the course in my newsletter, the November dates sold out and there’s now a waiting list.  Good news is, there are a couple of places […]

Hemming a full-circle skirt

Are you watching the new series of GBSB? Love Esme, the new judge! In the first episode, many of the skirts in the final round were marked down for having uneven hems. I sympathise! A little while ago I made the dresses for my daughter’s bridesmaids.  The younger ones (three of them!) had full circle […]

The Perils of Buying Fabric Online


Probably the most common question I’m asked at my classes is “Where do you get your fabric?”. Well, apart from my stash that I’ve built up whenever I’ve been to America (at Palmer/Pletsch courses or on holiday) the sad truth is – online. There are so few fabric shops here in the South East these […]

5 tips for flattering clothes

When we sew our own clothes we all have a vision of how we want to look, don’t we?  I happily put my hands up to wanting to look younger, but certainly flattered by what I’m wearing, This is especially true when I’ve put time, money and effort into fitting and sewing it myself! Here […]

Previously Completed Projects


Here’s a few examples of previous projects I’ve completed! (Click to make the images bigger) For my daughter and her friend’s Halloween party, I made two burlesque-style skirts:


Today I launched my new website! Not quite all-singing and all-dancing yet, some issues getting the header image anchored to the centre, but definitely on its way. This is my first blog and I’m nervous and excited at the same time. Not quite as much as this lady though: